Our history, our future

For over a century, hydropower has remained the main renewable energy source. Clean, predictable, reliable and key to the stability of electrical systems in the current energy transition.

STE Energy began its long adventure in the world of renewables more than 30 years ago working on small hydropower plants and quickly became, through a strong professionalism characterized by an always innovative spirit, one of the main Turn-key Contractors on an international scale, operating on power plants of several hundred MW.

STE Energy has contributed to the generation of more than 1.2 GW of hydropower capacity, working on over 200 projects worldwide and gaining expertise at all stages of the project, such as development, management and maintenance of plants, as well as construction and commissioning.

STE Energy can boast a multidisciplinary team characterized by professionals with proven experience and young and dynamic engineers able to design and implement every aspect of a hydropower plant as, for example, production units, high, medium and low voltage electrical systems, automation and protection systems, plant mechanical auxiliaries, hydromechanical components and civil works.

What we can do:

  • Water-to-Wire Contractor
  • Electromechanical General Contractor
  • EPC Contractor
  • Electrical and Mechanical Balance of Plant
  • Operation & Maintenance services
  • High Voltage systems and advanced digital substations
  • Innovative automation, control and protection systems
  • Remote monitoring and control platform e-guardian