Solar and Hybrid Systems

Electricity from the sun, accessible and sustainable

Solar is certainly the fastest-growing renewable energy, bringing energy in a competitive and accessible way almost everywhere.

STE Energy is a General Contractor with a track record of over 100 plants for over 500 MW of installed capacity, offering cutting-edge solutions for photovoltaic power plants as well as for hybrid systems that integrate solar with other renewable or traditional sources and energy storage.

We provide our clients with our expertise through all stages of the project, such as development, operation and maintenance, as well as design, construction and commissioning.

As a global provider of O&M solutions, STE Energy’s full-integrated services support continuous operation by means of a control room with 24/7 assistance.

What we can do:

  • Photovoltaic Power Plants
  • Hybrid PV Solutions
  • Off-grid systems
  • High Voltage systems and advanced digital substations
  • Innovative automation, control and protection systems
  • Remote monitoring and control platform e-guardian