Covid-19 emergency

During Covid-19 emergency we successfully accepted the challenge of smart working. Our people are carrying out our projects and activities working from home. Smart work is only for smart workers!

STE Energy continues to work despite Coronavirus!

A contract for electromechanical supplies for a new hydroelectric plant under construction in Piemonte has been signed. The new system, which involves the installation of a VLH 5000 turbine, designed and built by our sister company MJ2, will exploit a very low head of about 2.5 meters, with an installed capacity of 400 kW. The power plant is expected to start its operation by the end of this year.

Even in this tough period, STE Energy does not stop!

Connected from our office in Italy, we successfully and safely achieved the remote training and factory testing of multiplexer and teleprotections for the HV substation of “Campos del Sol” solar power plant (382MW) in Chile. Congratulations to the whole “virtual team”!